NRB Original Game
aka Tic-Tac-Barbara
aka Tic-Tac-T'oberfest

Tic-Tac-T'oberfest, NYC, October 2017.

Game Overview
Two teams compete at tic-tac-toe, answering trivia questions to place X's or O's. Three in a row wins.

Best for...
Children to adults. Small to large groups. Virtually no contestant prep.

Two game tables. Large monitor or projector with screen. Microphone and audio system.

NRB game engineer. Host and talent wrangler (optional).

Two teams (up to five players each) face off to play tic-tac-toe with each quadrant represented by an event-specific trivia category.

Coin toss determines which team chooses first. That team chooses a square by category. "Let's go for 'Barb-Mitzvah' for the win!" Once the category-specific question is revealed any player can buzz-in. The host reads the question in it’s entirety and the first to buzz-in gets to guess first.

A correct answer places an X or O in the square and the team has control of the board.

Incorrect answer goes to the opposing team to guess. A correct answer places an X or O in the square and the team has control of the board.

No correct answer gives control back to the original team and the square is still available.

The first team to get three-in-a-row wins the game. The losing team gets to go first in the next game.

Winning the Event
The team that wins best of three/five/seven games (depending on time) is the event winner.

Fact-Tac-Toe EXTRAs
FTT Images: Trivia questions ask players to name a person, place or thing as an image is displayed on the gameboard

FTT Sounds: Trivia questions ask players to name a song, singer, person, etc. as audio is played

Bonus Round (optional)
Winning team plays bonus round. Team-selected MVP enters sound-proof booth (puts on headphones). Remaining team members talk among themselves to answer nine questions in 60 seconds. Team MVP exits SPB and one-by-one, the questions and the team’s answers are revealed. MVP must determine if the answers are correct and if not, provide the correct answer. If the MVP get’s all 9 correct, the team wins.