NRB Original Game
That's Wrong! You Win!
aka That's Wrong! You Win! [the Ugly Sweater edition]


Game Overview
Two teams purposely select incorrect answers to trivia questions. If all incorrect options are selected before the correct answer, the team wins.

Best for...
Children to adults. Small to large groups. Virtually no contestant prep.

Two game tables. Two podiums for buzzers (optional). Large monitor or projector with screen. Microphone and audio system.

NRB game engineer. Host and talent wrangler (optional).

Two teams (up to five players each) face off.

Game board displays up to nine (detemined by time) event-specific categories. Coin toss determines which team controls the board. The winning team chooses a category. First member of each team faces off over buzzers. Once the category-specific question is revealed on the gameboard, any player can buzz-in. The question will be read in it’s entirety and the first to buzz-in gets to guess an incorrect answer.

Unless the correct answer is chosen (end of round), the player decides if their team will play or pass. To play and win, the playing team must select all incorrect answers before selecting the correct answer.

If the playing team is unsuccessful, the points go to the non-playing team.

Winning the Event
The team that wins best of three/five games (depending on time) is the event winner.

That's Wrong! EXTRAs
That’s Wrong! Images: Trivia questions ask players to name a person, place or thing as an image is displayed on the gameboard.

That’s Wrong! Sounds: Trivia questions ask players to name a song, singer, person, etc. as audio is played.

Bonus Round (optional)
Winning team is asked a question and shown three correct answers and one incorrect answer. (Which of these four women was NOT a disco singer?) Using four buzzers, the team collectively presses the buzzer for the right answer. Correct answers revealed after all questions are answered. If all “X” questions are correct, the team wins.